How Many Teaspoons Are in 1/4 Cup?

There are 4 tablespoons in a quarter cup and there are 3 teaspoons in each tablespoon; this means that there are 12 teaspoons in a quarter cup. A quarter cup is also equal to 2 fluid ounces.

Most measurements in the United States can be broken down into cups, tablespoons and teaspoons. Knowing how many tablespoons and teaspoons are present in a specific measurement makes the conversion of measured liquids an easier process. Knowing how many teaspoons are in a quarter cup can be helpful for cooks who only have a teaspoon measuring spoon and do not have a quarter cup measuring cup.

Different measurements are used for different things in the kitchen. For example, a whole chicken would not be measured in teaspoons. It would be measured in weight, rather than volume, which is equal to how many pounds the chicken weighs. Likewise, a small amount of herbs would be measured by the number of teaspoons that are present in the herbs instead of being measured in fractions of pounds. It is important for people who are new to cooking to learn the different types of measurements that are commonly used in a kitchen setting.