How Do You Install the YouTube App on a Desktop Computer?

The YouTube app is available for download through the Google Play store and the Apple iTunes store. It allows users to search more quickly for YouTube videos and also share videos with a smart TV, Chromecast or compatible game system. Installing the app to the desktop computer is as simple as downloading the app from one of these sites.

Use the following steps to install the YouTube app on a PC or laptop computer.

  1. Visit the Google Store
  2. Visit the Google Play store website. Users will need to have the Chrome browser installed to use most apps through the Google Store. The YouTube app may be present on the homepage under the “Get Started Browse Our Go-to Apps” header. If so, go ahead and click on the YouTube app button to go to that page and download it.

  3. Find the app
  4. If not, click on “Apps” in the left menu and then click on “Categories”. Select “Media and Video” in the drop down menu. Click on the “See More” link under “Top Free in Media & Video”. Scroll down looking for the YouTube app. It should be close to the top of the page. Click on the app icon to go to the app page.

  5. Download and install the YouTube app
  6. Click the “Install” button on the YouTube app page. The app is developed for use on portable devices, but it should work on a new model desktop computer. Click on “Install” on the new window that pops up. The app will automatically download and install.