What Are Computers Used for in Shopping Malls?

Computers are used in shopping malls to keep track of product inventory, to aid in accounting and billing, to manage employee timekeeping and records, and as part of mall security systems. Computers are not necessarily required for these tasks, but they do help make these tasks easier.

When a person buys an item in a shopping mall store, computers are usually involved in the transaction. When an item bar code is scanned, a computer database is accessed to adjust the inventory count for that product. At the same time, the computer is also being used to properly charge the customer for the item he is purchasing, plus any applicable taxes and fees.

Computers are also used in shopping malls as part of security systems by tracking items to prevent theft and storing security camera footage and data. This allows mall security staff to have easy access to security information and security camera footage that can be quickly reviewed in the event of a suspected theft.