What Batteries Are Equivalent to a GP189 Battery?

Universal Images Group Editorial/Universal Images Group/Getty Images

The GP 189 battery is equivalent to the Duracell LR54, Energizer 189, 389A and BLR41, Kodak KA54, Panasonic LR54, and Rayovac 89. Other equivalent batteries are the Eveready 189, and any battery bearing the 1130,1131, 89 or 189 numbers. Other batteries marked AG10 or AG-10 are also suitable.

The GP-189 battery is a small, button cell, alkaline 1.5-Volt battery often used in watches, calculators, cameras and toys. It is also used in novelty items, light-up magnifiers and laser pointers. The battery is 3.05 millimeters high and has an 11.6-millimeter diameter. It weighs 0.09 pounds. The above list is not exhaustive and includes some silver oxide replacements. To see all compatible models, visit www.24hourbatteries.com.