What Are the Applications of Computers in Government?

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Government employees use computers for communication, word and data processing and project management among other applications. Computers have become part of daily life, and like businesses and individuals, federal and state offices use computers in their daily office operations.

There are numerous uses for computers in government offices, including:

  1. Email functions: Most (if not all) government offices have an email system that is used to read, send, and compose emails.
  2. Payroll systems: Federal and state offices also use computers to make payments electronically.
  3. Keeping and managing records: The government uses computer applications and databases to maintain the records of citizens and government employees. These records are crucial to government operations.
  4. Analyzing information: Computers are used to gather statistical information in areas such as education, commerce, the economy, and demographics. The information is then analyzed and used to make various decisions.