What Are the Advantages of Computer Literacy?

Computer literacy allows individuals to maximize work performance, use technology in everyday life and operate computers for personal use. In a world with increasing reliance on technology, computer literacy plays an important role in all aspects of life, from work and financial to personal.

Anyone in the working world or seeking a job needs computer skills. Many careers rely on computers and technology. Even entry-level jobs, such as those in the retail and restaurant industries, use computers for checking out customers, placing orders and tracking inventory. Having knowledge about computers and how they work gives an applicant an advantage because the employer doesn’t have to teach those basic computer skills before teaching advanced job skills.

Computers are prevalent in many areas in the community. Many libraries use computerized catalogues and check-out procedures. Some doctor’s offices use electronic check-in systems on tablets. Cash registers use debit and credit card machines operated by customers. Computer knowledge makes these everyday tasks easier to tackle.

Computer literacy helps users know how to protect their home computers, and allows users to expand what they can do with computers for personal use. A person who is computer literate is able to take care of a computer, avoid viruses, protect her privacy and avoid being scammed online. Computer literacy allows users to search and use the Internet for personal reasons and utilize software programs such as word processing and spreadsheet programs to create documents.