What Do Wild Siberian Huskies Eat?

Wild Siberian huskies have a diet of mostly fish and small Arctic animals. Because of the limited resources in these harsh climates, they adapted to eating much less than many other dog breeds.

Siberian huskies originate in the northern regions of Russia, Siberia, Alaska and Scandinavia. In these areas, food can be scarce and hard to find. Fish are a very important part of their diet, as they are widely available in these areas. Huskies prefer oily fish such as salmon. Other Arctic animals that are a part of their diet include caribou, seals and Arctic hares. These animals eat a lot of plants and vegetables, so the huskies also get vegetable nutrients from them. Huskies may even eat kelp, seaweed and algae when they can’t find other food.

Because fish and other marine foods have become such a large part of the wild husky diet, the dogs’ bodies have grown accustomed to receiving a large amount of zinc. A deficiency of zinc is common amongst domesticated Siberian huskies and must be accounted for in their diet and pet food. The diet of domesticated Siberian huskies must also be carefully monitored for caloric intake. Wild Siberian huskies are much more active than domestic Siberian huskies, so the wild dogs need a higher-calorie diet.