What Do Wild Boars Eat?

Gerard Eviston/CC-BY 2.0

Wild boars, also known as wild pigs, are omnivorous animals that feed on nuts, acorns, carrion, roots, small birds or mammals, eggs, grass, fruit, and mushrooms. Their diets are largely limited by what they can find in the area and the season, but if food is scarce or competition fierce, wild boars have been known to travel up to 50 miles in search of sustenance.

Wild boars are not native to North America, originally hailing from Europe and transported by Spanish explorers for food and sport. They have tough snouts that they use to help dig up roots and mushrooms. Although their diets are diverse, they are observed to favor protein-rich foods during the fall to prepare for the upcoming winter months. They also eat lizards, snakes and other reptiles and have been witnessed scavenging food from carcasses of animals killed by other predators.

Wild boars are classified as pests because their diet of roots leads to them tearing up the ground, killing plants in the process and hastening erosion. They enjoy wallowing in mud near ponds. They compete with deer and turkeys for food and have been witnessed eating endangered animals such as baby sea turtles. Because they have very few natural predators, they are hunted by humans in an effort to control their population.