What Are the Warning Signs of a Dying Dog?

Jena Ardell/Moment/Getty Images

Warning signs that a dog is dying include lack of coordination, severe tiredness, loss of appetite, incontinence and general confusion, according to Best Pet Insurance. These signs are important to note if the owner is interested in making the decision to have the dog euthanized before the dog’s condition worsens.

Each dog approaches death differently, and a particular dog may not display all the conditions that are common in other dogs, stresses Best Pet Insurance. When there is a noted lack of coordination in a dog, this may be a sign of severe physical weakness, impaired brain function or both. When a dog is dying, it may display fatigue in an extreme manner. Often a dying dog simply lies down in one spot and refuses to move or sometimes even lift its head. This is often accompanied with a complete lack of interest in food or water, which the dog no longer makes any attempt to ingest.

A dying dog also at times seems confused by familiar surroundings or displays no interest in things that previously captured its attention, says Best Pet Insurance. This is likely due to impaired brain function but may also be a cause of physical fatigue. The confusion and fatigue often lead a dog to become incontinent. This is a result of the loss of control of the sphincter muscle and the muscles of the bladder, but may also be caused by the disorientation and fatigue.