What Is a Vizsla-Pitbull Mix?

The Vizsla Staff is a cross between a Vizsla and an American Staffordshire terrier. The Vizla is a pointer-retriever originally from Hungary. The American Staffordshire terrier one of the breeds commonly referred to by the generic term “pit bull.”

Vizsla Staffs are the product of two breeds known for their athleticism. Pit bulls are strong and brave, originally bred to fight and subdue bulls, while Vizslas are hunting dogs originally bred to find and retrieve game animals. Vizsla Staffs are reputed to be very playful, active and loyal animals. They stand approximately 20 inches at the shoulder and weigh up to 50 pounds. Like the Vizsla, they have long legs, but like pit bulls, they have box-like muzzles. They have short coats and come in any color prevalent within their progenitor breeds.