What Are Some Uncommon Female Dog Names?

Purple Collar Pet Photography/Moment/Getty Images

Some unique female dog names are Harley, Rogue, Lois, Jackal, Pygmy and Firefly. SheKnows.com recommends various ways to find names for female dogs, such as using comic book character names or the names of other animals.

There are countless options for finding dog names, and there are a variety of fun and interesting ways to find them. One way to find dog names is to find inspiration from celebrity baby names, SheKnows.com suggests. Examples include Arlo, Blue Ivy, Scout and Tallulah. Numerous humor websites may be able to assist with providing some funny dog names, and sometimes an outright silly name works well, such as Muffin Top or Twerk.

There are a lot of famous athlete names that could also be perfect for a female dog, such as Lolo, Danika or Francisca. Dog names can come from country and city names, such as Geneva, Kenya, Sydney and Verona.

Dog-names-and-more.com also lists some unique female dog names, such as Eloise, Hope, Indigo, Jinx, Fantasia and Violet. There are many potential dog names on DogTime.com as well, with options such as Alexa, Enya, Atlantis, Cassidy and Harmony. Dog owners can delve into any number of sources to find original and fitting names for their female dogs––literature, movies, mythology, geography, history and more.