What Types of Spiders Are Found in Georgia?

At least 32 species of spiders are known in the state of Georgia, including grass spiders, southern house spiders, black and yellow garden spiders, and orchard orb weavers, all of which spin webs to catch their prey. Other species are hunters who roam and stalk their prey, including the ant mimic spider, the long-legged sac spider, the dark fishing spider, the woodlouse hunter and the eastern parson spider.

The Carolina wolf spider, the largest species of wolf spiders, hunts at night or waits to ambush its prey from the mouth of its burrow. Two poisonous spiders found in Georgia are the southern black widow and the brown recluse spider. A red hourglass on the belly marks mature black widow females. They hide in the daytime but are easily identified as they hang upside down in the web at night. The brown recluse is very shy and non-aggressive and hides in dark places. The goldenrod crab spider and the white-banded crab spider ambush their prey and overpower them. The green lynx spider sits and waits in shrubs or bushes for its prey to pass by and can spit venom if threatened. The tan jumping spider and the zebra jumper patrol fences and exterior walls in the daytime searching for insects. The six-spotted fishing spider lives at the edge of streams or rivers and eats aquatic insects, small fish and small amphibians.