What Type of Spider Has a Yellow Triangle on Its Back?

The Arrowhead Orbweaver spider is characterized by a yellow triangle on its back. This spider is part of the large family of spiders known as Araneidae, which call North America their home. Araneidae fall under the order Araneae.

The Arrowhead Orbweaver is sometimes just referred to as the arrowhead spider, and it generally measures around 3/8 inches in length, not including its legs, although the male of the species is usually smaller.

On the female spider, the head or carapace is a chocolate brown color and looks quite small compared to its triangular-shaped abdominal area. The abdomen is nearly covered completely by a triangle shape that is usually yellow, but may be pink or white. The male lacks the triangular shape and is rarely ever seen, although it does venture into the web of the female for mating or courting.

The venom of this specific spider is very potent, but it is not harmful to humans. Once an insect wanders into the web of the Arrowhead Orbweaver, the spider bites it and immobilizes it until it’s ready to eat it.

The Arrowhead Orbweaver spins its web in shady areas of the forest, and it is most active in late- or mid-summer. Interestingly, this spider sits with its head up instead of down like other spiders.