Which Tree Frogs Are Poisonous?

Tree frogs that are poisonous include the golden poison dart, the black-legged dart and the blue poison dart. The golden poison dart frog is considered to be one of the world’s most toxic animals.

The frog contains about 1 milligram of poison; enough to kill 10 to 20 human beings. It is endangered and lives within small plots of the rainforest in Columbia. Scientists are uncertain as to the source of the frog’s toxins but believe that it may come from diet and the plant poisons carried by its insect prey. Golden darts raised in captivity and deprived of these insects do not develop venom.

The black-legged dart frog is the second most toxic frog and is found in western Columbia. It has also caused human fatalities. Just 15 micrograms of its poison is enough to kill an adult by respiratory and muscular paralysis.

The blue poison dart frog is bright blue in color with small black dots unique to each individual. The frog releases toxins through its skin that are distasteful and potentially lethal to predators. The adult frogs have few predators, unlike the tadpoles that lack toxins and are preyed upon by other amphibians and reptiles.