What Are the Traits of a Yorkie Husky Mix?

The traits of a mixed-breed dog are unpredictable due to the wide pool of genes that the purebred parents provide to the offspring. Although a Yorkshire terrier and a Siberian husky vary greatly in appearance, a hybrid of these two breeds would likely be energetic, brave and loyal. In addition, both of these breeds can be difficult if the master is not firm or assertive enough in their training approach.

The physical characteristics of this mixed breed are more difficult to predict due to the inherent differences in both breeds, but the offspring would likely have a scissor bite and erect, V-shaped ears. A longer coat may also be expressed in the physical appearance, as Yorkshire terriers and some Siberian huskies display this trait.

Yorkshire terriers are not great with children or large families, unlike Siberian huskies, which are fantastic with children and make great family dogs. Despite their diminutive size, Yorkshire terriers are excellent watch dogs. This trait, however, can lead the Yorkshire terrier to becoming too vocal in the presence of strangers, especially if it is not well trained. Siberian huskies do not make proficient watch dogs, as they are too friendly to people and are less likely to bark in general.