What Are the Traits of a Red Heeler Boxer Mix?

A red heeler boxer mix will combine the traits of the red heeler and the boxer. As both of these breeds are working dogs, a dog that is a mixture will undoubtedly need lots of daily exercise and a firm hand.

Red heelers are a variety of an Australian cattle dog. There were a bred starting in the mid 1800s by mixing the Scottish Highland collie with the wild dingo. The result was an excellent cattle herding dog. Some of these collie/dingo mixes were then bred with Dalmatians, creating modern Australian cattle dogs.

Red heelers are bred for hard-work. They are extremely intelligent and have lots of energy. They must be kept busy to remain happy. Given their wild roots, it is necessary that their human owners establish themselves as “pack leaders.”

Boxers were developed in Germany in the 19th century. They were originally used for dog fighting and hunting. They also have worked as cattle dogs and watch dogs. Boxers are also very intelligent and have a strong work ethic. They also can try to dominate their owner, the owner must establish his or her authority.

As both of these precursor breeds are intelligent working dogs, with an independence streak, a mixture will carry the same strong traits. A red heeler boxer mix will not be happy living in an apartment. It must be kept very active. As a puppy, its owner must focus on ensuring he or she is the acknowledged boss.