What Are Some Traits of a Corgi and Pomeranian Mix?

Although there’s never a guarantee on which traits from each breed show up in a mixed breed, a Corgi and Pomeranian combination does have a few characteristics that can be predicted. This mix is likely to be a small dog with the need for constant attention and regular mental and physical exercise.

A Corgi-Pomeranian hybrid is likely to be extremely energetic, with a need for daily exercise despite its small size. This mixed-breed dog is most likely very stubborn and hard to train, as he wants to get his way. If the dog is more like the Corgi, he is a great guard dog, trustworthy and good with children (with supervision). However, if the dog’s tendencies lean more toward the Pomeranian, he is most likely mischievous and snappy towards young children and requires constant attention from the owner.

Both the Corgi and the Pomeranian tend to bark a lot, so a mix between the two most likely acquires that trait as well. The mix is likely to be incredibly intelligent but every bit as stubborn.

The Corgi-Pomeranian mix probably lives between 12 and 15 years with cataracts, hip dysplasia, and shoulder and hip problems being the most likely health concerns. However, mixed breeds tend to have a reduced chance of developing these issues.