What Are Some Traits of a Boxer Hound Mix?

According to designermixes.org, the Boxset features a smooth, fawn-colored coat that highlights an area of white on the feet and underside of the belly. A large Boxset can weigh as much as sixty to sixty five pounds. As a result, designermixes.org adds that the larger versions of these dogs need plenty of room to exercise and run. However, the site suggests that the dog doesn’t do well in extreme temperatures.

The Boxset, a well-known designer breed, is the result of cross-breeding the basset hound and the boxer. The dog’s personality is unique in that it exhibits a childlike appeal. Designermixes.org states that these dogs are affectionate when sleepy and can pout a good deal, especially if they get in trouble for misbehaving.

The Boxset can also track scents easily, as it is half hound, and hounds are popular for being the original hunting dogs. An ideal companion pet, the dog is defined by a body that is muscular and short, and they have a lopping and galloping run. While the dog may exhibit the large feet of the Basset hound, Boxsets will usually have Boxer-like nails. The Boxset tail can either be left long or docked like a Boxer tail.