What Are Traits of a Boxer Bloodhound Mix?

A boxer-bloodhound mix can exhibit any combination of the traits that characterize each breed. Only by observing a particular dog can the owner understand how breed-specific traits express themselves in an individual animal.

The bloodhound is a powerful hound with a mild, child-friendly disposition. This type of dog is known for patience and forbearance and tolerates affectionate abuse from young children. Bloodhounds need a firm hand and clear rules. They require daily exercise and cannot be left alone in an unfenced area because they can be drawn far away by an interesting scent. Bloodhounds tend to view all humans as friends, so they are not reliable watchdogs. When kept with other dogs, bloodhounds must socialize with the others to avoid becoming timid.

The boxer is also good with children but is naturally more protective than the bloodhound. Boxers are good watchdogs. They are playful and curious and need regular exercise. Boxers coexist well with cats but may perceive other small animals, such as chickens or rodents, as prey. The boxer has a stubborn streak and needs a firm hand. A boxer must be taught that dominating other dogs is not acceptable behavior. Boxers are often susceptible to certain heart and thyroid problems.