Where Do Toads Live?

Toads are found in habitats around the world, but most make their homes in warm tropical locations. Toads are considered a type of frog and share some commonalities with frogs, but toads have unique tough skins that allow them to survive in drier regions than frogs. There are more than 300 species of toads in the world, which live nearly everywhere except for some islands such as Greenland, Australia, New Guinea and Madagascar and the polar regions of the Arctic and Antarctic.

Toads are quite common, and live in areas inhabited by other forms of life, including mammals, plants and microorganisms. Some toads are found naturally in areas while others have adapted to life in certain regions after being artificially introduced. Toads are relatively hardy species and have unique traits to help them survive in various locations.

Toads feed on a variety of substances, including insects, grubs, worms and vegetation. Some domesticated and urban-dwelling toads even eat fruits and vegetables. Toads are considered nocturnal, and sleep during the day, but leave their homes to forage for food at night. Toads may live in underground burrows, trees and beneath rocks and clusters of leaves. Toads have relatively long life spans and may live from 4 to 15 years, depending on the species.