What Is the Best Time of Day to Feed a Dog?

In general, most adult dogs should eat twice a day, with their first meals around 7 a.m. and their second meals around 6p.m. The precise ideal time to feed a dog depends on the breed and age of the animal.

Puppies should ideally eat three times per day. Along with the standard meal times of 7 a.m. and 6p.m., an additional meal should be scheduled around noon. Certain breeds such as the border collie have higher metabolisms. For this reason, even with older age, three meals may be appropriate. Sedentary breeds such as the mastiff or the great dane do not burn as many calories each day. For this reason, it may be appropriate to simply feed these breeds once per day (toward the morning or early afternoon). While older dogs may be fed at the same times as other adult dogs, their portion sizes should be controlled.