How Do You Teach a Bearded Dragon Tricks?

Frank Paul Silye/CC-BY-2.0

You can teach a bearded dragon tricks by being consistent with the training and offering him treats as positive reinforcement each time he performs a trick. Use the same words and the same tone to encourage him, and stick to the same routine.

It is important to remember that bearded dragons do not respond well to sounds or voice commands. They usually need visual stimulation and the promise of food to be willing to learn anything. Some people find a laser pointer an effective training tool.

  1. Teach your bearded dragon to come to you

    Use a long rope or a lizard leash to teach him to come to you. Call out to him using the same words and the same tone each time. Gently tug the rope towards you as you call out to him, and shower him with praise when he comes. Offer a favorite treat when he reaches you. This teaches the association of you calling his name and the treats that follow.

  2. Teach him to bare his teeth

    Apart from baring their teeth when in an aggressive mood, bearded dragons “smile” when they are happy or excited. You can train your bearded dragon to “smile” by repeating the word “smile”, using the same tone each time he bares his teeth. This enforces the connection between the word and the expression. Offer a treat each time he “smiles” on command.

  3. Teach him to sit on command

    While walking your bearded dragon, bring some treats along. Ask him to sit during the walk, and reward him with a treat when he does.