What Are the Symptoms of Concussions in Dogs?

Symptoms of concussions in dogs include an inability to keep down water or food without vomiting, dilation of the eyes or unusual eye movement, a weakened condition, and disorientation or erratic movement. The severity of a dog’s concussion is determined by the length of time the animal is unconscious, according to PetManage.com.

Concussions can result in temporary or permanent brain damage. The time it takes a dog to recover from a concussion depends on the severity of the concussion, explains PetManage.com. With proper treatment, a mild concussion typically requires only a day or two of recovery. A dog that suffers a severe concussion may require a recovery period of as long as three to six weeks before motor skills return to normal. A dog’s age, overall health and physical condition influence the likelihood of long-term damage from a concussion.

According to PetManage.com, treatments for concussion in dogs focus on reducing pressure in the brain. Antibiotics are often prescribed, and if they fail to alleviate brain pressure, surgery may be advised. During the post-concussion period, dogs need time to rest and recover and should never be left unattended. Careful monitoring is important; if a concussed dog fails to improve, a veterinarian may recommend that he be admitted to a clinic for observation.