What Are Some Sweet Names for a Female Calico Kitten?


Female calico kittens can have sweet names based on their colors, patterns or the fact that they are calico. Thinking about food and seasons or being a little creative can lead to a great name for a calico cat. Kitty names don’t have to be trite to be a perfect fit for the kitten.

Names based on the kitten’s color might include Sundae, if it is white with chocolate- or caramel-colored fur, or Snickers, for a cat that resembles the colors of the candy bar. Saffron is the name of a valuable spice that is yellow in color. Autumn pays homage to a calico’s many shades of yellow, orange and brown. Aurora brings to mind the multicolored aurora borealis.

A calico kitten’s pattern also lends itself to many naming choices. From Patches to Scraps to Speckles, creative names abound. Other options include Splatters, Spots, Polka Dot, Picasso, Pebbles or Cammi, short for Camouflage. Confetti and Dapple are unique choices for a calico cat.

Playing with the word “calico” can yield sweet name ideas. Callie, Kallie, Kali, and Kalique are fun plays on the cat’s coloration. Hallie combines the calico pattern with the colors of Halloween: black, white and orange. Calista is a sophisticated choice for a kitten.