What Are the Standard Ear Cropping Guidlines for a Cane Corso?

The breed standard of the Cane Corso indicates that the ears can be uncropped or cropped, however, if cropped, the ear is to form an equilateral triangle. The crop is much shorter than that seen on most cropped breeds and removes most of the ear flap. Because the amount of ear removed is substantial, the ears do not need to taped after cropping.

About Time Cane Corso says that the modern cane corso’s ears are cropped for three reasons: aesthetics, health of the dog, and to prevent injuries to the ear due to its natural length. Cane Corsos typically play hard and can easily injure or tear their ears while roughhousing. Additionally, having hanging ears may also increase the risk of ear infections.

According to the Canadian Cane Corso Association, the Canadian Veterinary Medical Association is planning to ban the cropping of dogs’ ears in Canada. It is already illegal in some Canadian provinces, and in many other countries around the world, including most European countries, Australia and New Zealand. The American Veterinary Association has released a formal statement opposing the cropping of dogs solely for cosmetic purposes and encouraging the elimination of ear cropping from breed standards.