What Do Squirrels Eat and Drink?

Kamil Porembi?ski/CC-BY-SA 2.0

Squirrels are vegetarians, known to eat a wide variety of nuts, fruits and other vegetarian foods, but flying squirrels have been known to eat small birds, insects and eggs. Among some foods squirrels have been known to eat are various kinds of nuts, seeds and various fruits.

Squirrels also commonly eat lichens, buds, mushrooms, roots and pine cones. Squirrels have also been known to eat leaves, twigs and bark. Squirrels love to eat fruit, including apples, apricots, oranges and avocados. Squirrels even eat flowers, especially flower bulbs, so they have a wide and varied diet.

Squirrels drink water and are attracted to sugary beverages. In fact, when people are raising baby squirrels, they are advised to re-hydrate them using a mixture of water, salt and sugar. Squirrels will also drink milk. Like their eating habits, they’re not picky about what they drink.

Because of this, they are infamously pesky rodents to gardeners as they can destroy crops, especially corn. Squirrels have interesting habits when they scavenge for food. They commonly find or steal food and then dig it in various areas to hide it. While this is a practice commonly done in the winter months, squirrels actually do this year-round.