What Are the Similarities of a Bird and a Bat?

One similarity between a bat and a bird is that they both fly. They also share diet, spread diseases and are often around the same size.

Bats and birds both have streamlined bodies. This similarity helps provide them the ability to maintain speed while in flight and feeding. Because the need for quick movement is essential, both species have unique wings. Although bats do not have feathers like birds do, their webbed wings also gives them effective flight performance. Birds can spread out their feathers to allow for greater air flow for long distance flights. The bat’s webbed wings allow for quicker movement in small spaces. This gives the bat the advantage to improve its upswing and catch insects quickly. Both the bat and bird use their unique wings to maintain their survival.

Both birds and bats also eat fruits and nectar. In their hunt for food, both species tend to avoid human contact. Even though both species prefer to avoid humans, there are still many myths and fears that surround both bats and birds. Many of these phobias relate to these small non-violent creatures attacking people. While there are isolated incidents of attacks, both birds and bats are considered harmless and generally stay clear of populated areas.