What Are Simco Saddles?

A Simco saddle is a horseback riding saddle manufactured by the Simco company. Since 1990, the brand has been called Simco-Longhorn, according to Red Dot Horse Equipment Co. The company manufactures trail, barrel, Arabian and roping saddles.

The Action Company purchased the original Simco Leather Co. in 1981 and has kept the brand a distinct, separate entity from the rest of the business. . In 1990, Simco acquired the Longhorn Leather Company and the brand name was changed to Simco-Longhorn. The brand does not maintain its own webpage or independent contact information distinct from The Action Company. The Red Dot Horse Equipment Co. claims the company is still making saddles in Tennessee, but The Action Company says that all saddle manufacturing was moved to Greenville, Texas in 1988 and still operates from that location, as of 2014.

The Crates family originally owned the Simco company and has been manufacturing saddles since the 1930s in partnership with the Sims family. The company was originally based in Tennessee. After selling the Simco brand to The Action Company in 1981, the Crates family and many of the original employees established the Crates Leather Company Inc. This company is based in Tennessee and has been manufacturing saddles under the Crates brand since 1981.