What scorpions live in Georgia?


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There are two scorpions that live in Georgia: the devil scorpion and the striped scorpion. These species vary in location; devil scorpions live primarily in the greater Atlanta region and in the northern part of the state, while striped scorpions live in sand hills and coastal plains throughout the state.

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Most people assume that all scorpions live in deserts, and stay far from human habitats. That is not the case with either species native to Georgia, however. These species prefer open spaces and undisturbed habitats, but they will make their homes in residences and cabins if necessary. Both species of Georgia scorpions have powerful stingers, which can deliver a painful and poisonous sting. The devil and striped scorpions may reach adult lengths of approximately 6 inches, but vary in physical appearance as adults and juveniles. Adult devil scorpions have amber-colored shells, while adult striped scorpions have tan shells accented with light yellow horizontal stripes across the back. In both species, juveniles appear as white larvae. They remain attached to their mothers’ backs through the first stage of molting, when they shed their first coats and begin to resemble adults in appearance. Scorpions of both varieties belong to the class of arachnids, but look more like lobsters in appearance.

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