How Do Scorpions Breathe?

Scorpions breathe by using their lungs, which are located in the underside of their belly and which include four pairs of lungs. The most common scorpion species, which all have these four pairs of lungs, are the brown scorpion, desert scorpion, marbled scorpion and wood scorpion.

Some species of scorpion can live under water for as long as 2 days. They must hold their breath as they cannot breathe under water. The way that they breathe is similar to that of humans and other animals in that they breathe in oxygen through their lungs and it enters their bloodstream.

Most scorpions are 0.78 inches long to 4.72 inches long. Scorpions are members of the arachnid family, which makes them similar to mites, ticks and spiders. This arachnid classification means that the body of the scorpion is split into two parts: the abdomen and the cephalothorax. Scorpions make their home burying deep into the desert sand or underneath rocks and forest logs in dense forests. Some scorpions are poisonous while others are not. There are a total of 29 different scorpion species.

Most people are able to recognize the scorpion when they see its tail that has a stinger on the end and possibly poisonous glands. Scorpions have a unique tail that can sting and a set of pincers on each arm. The female scorpions are much larger than the males. In order to sense its environment, the scorpion uses its legs and its pectines (small hairs or bristles) that are on the underside of its belly. The scorpion has as many as ten eyes, depending on the species, but it has a difficult time making out anything more than movement.