How Do You Get Rid of Owls?

Sam Howzit/CC-BY 2.0

The best way to get rid of owls in your yard is to make the area less attractive to them by removing their sources of food and water. Owls hunt prey such as rodents, amphibians, insects and small birds. Remove them and the owls must leave to find the resources they require. Remove all bird feeders, birdbaths and wildlife-attracting plants to reduce the prey population of the area.

In addition to removing the owls’ sources of food and water, consider altering the habitat to discourage their presence. Owls are nocturnal and secretive, and they do not feel comfortable in the spotlight. Locate the owls’ perches or favorite calling locations and shine a bright light on these spots during the night. Owls often use hollow trees as nesting locations, so remove such trees to reduce the appeal of the yard.

While owls usually prey on relatively small animals, they do attack small dogs, cats and other pets on occasion. Accordingly, keep small pets indoors, especially during the night. Do not feed pets outside, as their food dishes tend to attract rodents and insects.

Owls are federally protected species. Never shoot, poison or harm one, no matter how much of a nuisance it becomes.