How Do You Get Rid of Garter Snakes?

Teresa Lett/Moment Open/Getty Images

If snakes are living in an area, it is because they are finding food, shelter and water there, says Snake Removal. The easiest way to get rid of snakes is to make the area less attractive to them. Garter snakes like moist, grassy areas near water, says the University of Michigan. They like habitats with hiding places, and they eat earthworms, frogs, slugs, insects and small mice. Garter snakes are harmless to people and eat vermin, so removing them might be counterproductive.

  1. Eliminate debris

    Garter snakes are ambush hunters and need places to hide in order to obtain food. Removing fallen logs and rock piles will discourage them from hunting in the area.

  2. Trim back vegetation

    Cut back any thick vegetation, and remove hedges to eliminate any remaining hunting areas.

  3. Block off doors and decks

    Block off access to sheds by sealing any small gaps around the doors or foundation. Block off access to areas under decks by building a solid barrier around the base.

  4. Block off any access into the house

    If the snakes are getting into the house, carefully inspect the outer perimeter of the house and block off any possible access points.

  5. Put out snake traps

    Finally, put out glue-board traps and funnel-type snake traps to catch some snakes.