How Do You Get Rid of Bufo Toads?

To eliminate bufo toads, install screening, apply toad-repelling granules and spray to areas where the toads enter the property and nest, kill insects that provide food for toads and set traps for enclosed areas such as patios and basements. Do not store pet food and water bowls outside to avoid attracting toads. If possible, remove water fountains and ponds.

Bufo toads are toxic toads native to Australia that are also found in South Florida and Texas. They release chemicals that can kill pets and people and cause hallucinations.

Take steps to make your property inhospitable to the toads if you live in an area infested by them. Prevent the toads from burrowing into the property by installing sturdy screening along fences and around bodies of water. Toad-repellent granules and sprays applied to these areas release chemicals and odors that make the property inhospitable to the animals and keep them away for up to two months. Toad-repellent sprays make the toads migrate away from the property within 48 hours. Eliminating the insects that the toads eat is also critical to ridding the property of the toads and will encourage them to seek other places to forage for food.

Trap frogs in enclosed areas using glue traps, and place them in the freezer to kill them.