What Repels Spiders?

david chambon photographie/Moment/Getty Images

The best way to repel spiders is to keep the home clear of dust, food, clutter and debris that attract insects. A bug repellent, long-handled broom or high-pressure hose can be used to get rid of existing spiders outside or inside of the home.

Spiders are carnivorous creatures that eat all types of insects, and they sneak into holes, cracks and gaps that lead indoors when bugs are present in the home. Spiders often build webs and lay eggs in quiet, secluded areas that attract small and large bugs. To discourage nesting, sweep and dust the inside and outside of the home frequently, and keep firewood and logs away from the home since they attract insects. Trim back trees and shrubs, and seal all cracks, crevices and gaps where tiny bugs can hide.