How Rare Are Albino Skunks?

Researchers believe albinism occurs in one out of every 10,000 mammal births, which makes the albino skunk a true oddity. Albino skunks, like all albino animals, fare poorly in their natural habitats and may even have a survival rate that is close to zero, since their color makes them stand out to predators.

Albino skunks are very rare in the wild and tend not to survive past infancy. In captivity, albino skunks can be found in zoos and sanctuaries. They are also sold as exotic pets that are prized for their rare color, since the albino skunk is much rarer than its white or cream-colored skunk cousins.

The albino skunk can be differentiated from a white skunk by its pink eyes. A true albino animal lacks the ability to produce melanin. Without melanin to provide color, the fur is white and the skin and eyes are pink. Albino animals commonly suffer from other health issues, often because the albinism occurs as a result of inbreeding.