Where Do Rabbits Live?

Linda Tanner/CC-BY-2.0

Rabbits live on all continents, except Antarctica. They are most prominent in North America, with approximately 50 percent of the entire population living there.

Rabbits are one of the world’s most prominent animals. The creatures can live in a variety of geographies and also in a number of different types of habitats. Rabbits call the woodlands and deserts home. They can also be found living in mountains, grasslands, forests and meadows. Rabbits can even be found in extremely frigid conditions.

Rabbits’ diets are quite versatile as well. They tend to munch on just about any type of flora, including crops and grasses. When it comes to crops, they particular enjoy snacking on strawberries, peas, carrots and lettuce. They do not like to eat marigolds, which work well to keep rabbits out of gardens.