What Are Some of the Predators of Snakes?

Justin Lo/Moment Open/Getty Images

Predators of snakes include large animals such as foxes, raccoons, boars and birds. In addition to its natural predators in the wild, the snake is threatened by humans. Humans hunt snakes for their venom to make serums. They also use snake skins for clothing and accessories.

The snake has a variety of tactics to prevent itself from being captured by predators. The most obvious tactic is the snake’s color itself. The shades of snake skin allow it to camouflage itself and hide in various natural elements in its habitat; this could include leaves, dirt and trees. Snakes have the ability to hiss loudly at their predators to scare them away. When a snake encounters a hunter, it has the option of biting it.

While the snake has several predators, it is also a predator to other animals, especially small ones. The snake feeds on animals such as toads and frogs, insects such as grasshoppers, beetles, cicadas and caterpillars, and salamanders. They also feed off other snakes, small birds and lizards.