What Are the Predators of Raccoons?

Predators of adult raccoon include bobcats, coyotes, cougars and domestic dogs. Young raccoons are preyed upon by eagles and large owls. Raccoons also die at the hands of trappers and hunters or from encounters with vehicles. Others may die from starvation or disease.

Although captive raccoons have been reported to have lived up to 13 years, the average lifespan of the raccoon living in the wild in its natural habitat is two to three years.

The raccoon may eat nearly anything, although their favorite foods are aquatic animals, including fish, frogs, crayfish and clams. They feed on slugs, insects, birds, bird eggs and carrion. Nuts, seeds, vegetables and fruits are also foods that the raccoon consumes if they are available. The raccoon dines on pet food when it is left within easy reach and is known to rummage through the garbage to find food there.

Although the raccoon is not a great hunter, it often preys upon small animals. Rats, mice, squirrels and gophers are all hunted by the raccoon. With the exception of a female raccoon with young, most raccoons live a solitary life and only eat together if a large amount of food is available in a specific location.