What Are the Predators of the Panda?

Buena Vista Images/Stone/Getty Images

Jackals and leopards prey on adult pandas, while the yellow-throated marten, a relative of the weasel, sometimes preys on baby pandas. Humans are the greatest panda predators.

There are two types of panda bears: the giant panda and the red panda. The giant panda is black and white and can grow up to 6.25 feet and 280 pounds. They primarily eat bamboo, so their habitat is the bamboo thickets in the mountainous regions of southwest China. Because of their size and the uniqueness of their habitat, adult giant pandas have few natural predators. However, panda cubs are basically helpless until they’re one year old, at which time even large birds of prey may hunt them.

Red pandas are only 47 inches long and weigh between seven and 14 pounds. They live in the high altitude forests. Their coat allows them to blend into their surroundings. Because of this and the altitude of their habitat, adult red pandas only have a few natural predators. Birds of prey and small carnivores, however, do prey on baby red pandas.

For both giant and red pandas, the most dangerous predators are humans. Humans have encroached on their habitats. Hunters have killed both for their unique coats and for meat. Deforestation for wood and land clearance for farming have also threatened pandas. As such, both types of pandas are endangered.