Where Do Pigs Live?

Lya_Cattel/E+/Getty Images

The exact habit of a pig depends on whether it is wild or domesticated, though both wild and domesticated pigs can be found all over the world. Domesticated pigs will be found in areas of human settlement such as farms, which exist basically wherever humans can be found on the planet, while wild pigs are hearty animals that can make their homes in a variety of climates and habitats and can even live out of immediate range of fresh water. Pigs can be found in all but the harshest climates on the planet and have both domesticated and wild presence on all of the continents that are inhabited by humans (with the exception of Antarctica).

In addition to being physically hardy, pigs have several features that allow them to exist in a variety of different habitats. One of these qualities is the fact that they can consume an omnivorous diet, meaning they can survive on both plants and animals. Additionally, they are highly intelligent and social creatures that have high reproductive potential, with some pigs reaching sexual maturity at only six months of age. Some female pigs can give birth to two litters of piglets each year. Wild pigs are also largely safe from predation from other wild animals due to their massive size.