What Are Some Pet Monkey Names?

Some exotic pet names for animals like monkeys include Macchiato, Madagasca and Mango. Mayhem, Maxi and Meeko are also suitable monkey names. Pet monkeys may also be named after famous monkeys, such as George from the “Curious George” children’s books.

Monkey owners can also name their pet after Tarzan’s famous pet monkey, Cheetah. Chee-Chee is the name of Doctor Dolittle’s pet monkey. In the Disney film “Aladdin,” the titular character’s pet monkey’s name is Abu. In the animated series “Superman,” the superhero had a pet monkey named Beppo. Fans of the television show “Friends” may name a pet monkey Marcel after the primate featured on the show.

Primate fans may wish to pay tribute to animals in history with a name like Digit, the moniker Dian Fossey chose for one of her favorite gorillas. In memoriam names such as Able, Semos and Baker may be used to honor monkeys that were used in experiments. Owners may also choose a more light-hearted name, such as Pipsqueak, as a homage to the marmoset that famously urinated on Johnny Carson in 1979. Movie buffs may name their monkeys Crystal after the monkey in the films “Night at the Museum” and “The Hangover Part II.”