What Are the Personality Traits of a Lion?

Lions are the most personable of any wild cat. While other cats are solitary hunters, these social beasts live together and often hunt in packs, but do not like to share a meal. Lions are twice as successful when hunting as a group.

Lions are carnivores and their roar can be heard up to five miles away. Their main prey is wildebeest, antelope, giraffe, buffalo, wild hogs and zebra. Lions also eat carrion, the flesh of dead animals. A lion slowly sneaks up on its prey, then pauses, crouches and hides until it gets close enough to pursue its target. The lion usually gives up if pursuit of its prey goes further than 300 feet, according to the Bronx Zoo.

Females are at the heart of the lion society, forming prides of about 15 related members. They hunt, rear the cubs and defend their territory. Males form nomadic coalitions that compete for access to prides. Female offspring of pride members remain in the group as adults, but male cubs leave as they approach three years of age, which is considered full-grown for a lion.

Lion cubs can be born throughout the year, but pride members tend to give birth around the same time. Lion cubs can take more than two years to learn how to survive on their own. Older female lions are aided by the pride as long as they can keep pace. Older male lions are ousted from the pride by younger, stronger males.