Where Do Peacocks Live?

Sadie Hart/CC-BY-2.0

Wild peafowl live in several locations; the blue peacock species lives in India and Sri Lanka, the green peacock inhabits the regions of Java and Myanmar and the elusive Congo peacock lives in rainforests throughout Africa. As with many exotic animals, peacocks live naturally in the wild, but are also found living in zoos and farms around the world. Peacocks of all species have been domesticated and kept by humans for thousands of years, and they are bred and raised around the world.

Although they are classified as the same species, there are dramatic differences between domesticated peacocks and wild species. Of the three species of peacocks, the blue peacock is one of the most popular for domestic use. Birds that live in the wild naturally have brighter and more vivid colors than their domesticated counterparts, although techniques and technologies, such as selective breeding, have allowed humans to introduce vibrant colors into the feathers of domesticated birds.

In addition to varying in physical appearance, wild and domestic peacocks vary in behavior as well. Wild peacocks are generally more aggressive and do not interact well with other domesticated birds. Wild peacocks are social and form tight bonds, congregating in groups called parties and roosting in dense forest areas.