What Do Peacocks Eat?

John Morgan/CC-BY-2.0

Peacocks have an extremely broad diet that consists of fruits and nuts, as well as worms and lizards. Peacocks also eat termites, ants, scorpions and crickets. Wild peacocks are able to digest particularly versatile diets, having been observed eating flower petals in one sitting and then turning around to stalk a poisonous snake for their next meal.

Peacocks come from the pheasant family. Their diets vary, depending on their geographic location and whether they are domesticated or wild. Domesticated peacocks generally enjoy a lighter diet chosen by their caretakers that often consists of fruit, berries, cat food and cheese. Domesticated birds also tend to like bread, grains, cereal and cooked rice.

Wild peacocks often feast on small animals and reptiles, including mice and lizards. When encountering peacocks in the wild, it is best to not feed them and just move on to avoid disturbing their natural eating habits. Baby peacocks living in the wild are able to digest small animals and live insects as soon as they are three to four days old. As they get older, they learn to forage for their meals and quickly incorporate berries, grasses and seeds into their daily diets. Peacocks are not known to eat other birds.