What Is the Only Mammal That Can’t Jump?

There are several mammals that cannot jump, including elephants, hippos, rhinos and sloths. A mammal is a name given to animals that are vertebrates, hairy, endothermic and give their babies milk when they are first born.

Animals with vertebrae have a spine or backbone. Animals that are endothermic regulate body temperature on their own, which allows them to live in many different places. While all mammals have hair, not all mammals are extremely hairy. An example of this would be humans. Humans have hair on many parts of their body, but they do not have hair everywhere. These animals also are able to produce milk that they then give to their babies. This also means that mammals spend more time with their babies because they need to wait for them to grow so that they can feed themselves.

There are three kinds of mammals: eutheria (also known as placental mammals), marsupials (also known as Metatheria) and monotremes. There is also a fourth kind of mammal, Multituberculata, but all of the animals that were within this group are now extinct. Eutheria mammals include elephants, whales and armadillos. Marsupial mammals include kangaroos and oppossums. Monotreme mammals actually lay eggs, although they still feed their babies milk.