Why Are My Newborn Puppies Dying?

The most common causes of death among newborn puppies are hypothermia, malnutrition and poisoning due to the mother’s mastitis, according to The Mayo News. Mastitis is an infection that causes the mother’s milk to contain toxins, which cause the pups to slowly get poisoned and die. This condition is also known as puppy fading syndrome.

The Mayo News explains that warm surroundings are the most crucial during a newborn puppy’s first few weeks. Owners should make sure the puppies latch on to the mother straight away after being born and get milk, since they have few fat reserves and can die of hypothermia.

If the mother is not releasing enough milk, the owner should get some milk replacer at the vet, The Mayo News advises. While some owners may believe that getting normal cow’s milk and feeding it to their puppies in a bottle is a safe alternative, regular milk doesn’t have the right amount of fat and minerals that the pups need.

Checking the puppies’ urine and mouth for dryness is also recommended to see if they are dehydrated. According to PetMD, having a dry mouth and very dark yellow urine are signs that the puppy is dehydrated, in which case a veterinarian should be contacted as soon as possible.