How Much Does a Tiger Cost?

Dave Stokes/CC-BY-2.0

A baby tiger can be bought for as little as $1,000. However an initial investment of nearly $90,000 may be required to set up the tiger’s new habitat and its infrastructure. An additional $8,000 might be required in upkeep per year.

Tigers cannot be house-trained like some other pets. They instinctively spray urine on everything in their territory, including their owners, to mark their property even if they are spayed or neutered. The minimum amount of property required to own a tiger is usually five acres, which must be surrounded by a perimeter fence at least 8-feet high. Tigers eat $200 worth of meat every week. A veterinarian who has experience with big cats is necessary for the health of the animal. If the tiger must be transported to the veterinarian, a $2,000 cage and a large enough form of transport are also needed. Tiger owners also need liability insurance which typically costs about $14,000 per year. Tigers lose any affection or feelings for their maternal figures as they mature and will kill them if the tigers’ territory is being threatened.