How Much Gravol Can Be Given to a Dog?

Takashi Hososhima/CC-BY-SA 2.0

Gravol, which is known more commonly as Dramamine in the United States, can be given to dogs with the dosage depending on the amount a dog weighs. A veterinarian will be able to recommend the exact amount of a Dramamine or Gravol that can be given to a dog.

It is generally recommended that nothing, including anti-nausea medication, be given to a dog while he is vomiting. This can defeat the purpose of the nausea medication because it is likely that the dog will simply vomit the medication back up. If an owner knows that their dog is going to vomit, like in a situation where they are preparing for a road trip and they know their dog gets car sick, the dog can be given an anti-nausea medication a few hours before getting into the car.

Although it does not happen often, there are many things that can make a dog vomit. Too much food, bad water and car rides can all cause a dog to get sick. An anti-nausea medication like Dramamine or Gravol can be used to prevent the dog from vomiting. A plain diet of boiled grains can be given to the dog after he has stopped vomiting.