How Much Do German Shepherd Puppies Weigh?

PelayoLacazette/Moment/Getty Images

The weight of a German Shepherd puppy depends entirely on the age and sex of the dog. At 1 month of age, the average German Shepherd male weighs just under 10 pounds, while a female weighs about 7. By 2 months of age, a male puppy weighs 20 pounds.

A female of the same age only weighs 15 pounds on average, in comparison. By 4 months of age, the average male puppy weighs over 40 pounds and the female has reached around 35 pounds. By a year, a male may reach the average weight of 76 pounds, and the females 64 pounds. German Shepherds may not reach their full adult size until around 2 1/2 years of age, however.