How Much Does a Fully Grown Hog Weigh?

The weight of fully grown male pigs, popularly known as boars, is greater than 500 pounds while the weight of fully grown female pigs, popularly known as sows, ranges between 300 and 500 pounds. At birth, the weight of pigs is approximately 2.5 pounds, while between 6 and 7 months, their weight ranges between 210 and 250 pounds.

Between 2 and 4 weeks from birth, pigs are weaned, and they are known as nursery pigs until they attain a weight of 50 pounds. Pigs are known as finishing/growing pigs when their weight is between 50 and 240 pounds, after which they are known as hogs. Their family name is swine; the father is a boar, the mother is a sow and the babies are the pigs.

The heaviest hog that was ever recorded in history weighed 2,552 pounds and was called Big Bill. The meat of a pig, the pork, provides thiamine, B-vitamins and proteins in a diet. The content of thiamine in pork is three times as much as it is in other types of foods and it converts carbohydrates into energy and boosts a healthy appetite. Pigs also provide up to 40 types of medicines including insulin. In fact, their heart valves are used to restore damaged heart valves of human beings.